2 Year Old Class

Learning and Growth Areas:

Social/ Emotional Learning

  • Building a sense of self
  • Separation from parents/ caretaker
  • Engaging with other children and adults
  • Learning to wait and take turns
  • Managing feelings and emotions
  • Self care, care of belongings, care of classroom materials
  • Understanding rules and routines; following basic directions

Physical – Fine and gross motor

  • Develop muscle strength, stamina, balance, and coordination
  • Throw, kick, bounce, and catch balls with both hands
  • Move to music (beat and rhythm)
  • Walk up and down stairs using alternation feet
  • Pincer grip and small eye-hand coordination
  • Eating and drinking independently
  • Complete simple puzzles, use small manipulatives

Language/ Cognitive 

  • Increase vocabulary
  • Participate in songs, nursery rhymes, simple prayers
  • Look at books and enjoy listening to stories
  • Answer “Who?” and “Where” questions
  • Compare sizes and amounts
  • Introduce colors, shapes, and patterns
  • Matching games and simple puzzles


  • Prayer is quiet time before snack
  • Praying for others
  • Bible stories and songs (monthly chapel)