4 Year Old Class

Learning and Growth Areas:

Areas of Emphasis:

Social/ Emotional Learning

  • Expresses emotions and labels feelings effectively and appropriately
  • Easily separates from caregivers; adjusts well to new situations
  • Shows confidence and enjoyment in trying new things
  • Participates in Role play (family, doctor, farmer, etc.)
  • Uses more creativity, imagination, and invention during make-believe play
  • Enjoys playing with other children; forms friendships and positive relationships
  • Cooperates with others; follows rules and directions
  • Can communicate likes and dislikes
  • Demonstrates understanding of rules and social expectations
  • Engages in social problem solving and learns to resolve conflict
  • Demonstrates respect and care for self, others, and classroom materials
  • Participates in group and individual activities
  • Participates in clean-up and accepts responsibility

Physical – Fine and gross motor

  • Takes care of own bathroom and hand washing needs
  • Demonstrates basic large motor skills (running, jumping hopping, galloping, riding trike)
  • Demonstrates balancing skills
  • Throws, kicks, bounces, catches medium size ball
  • Grasps and manipulates small objects
  •  Holds writing utensils with ease
  • Begins to make recognizable shapes, letters and representational drawings
  • Cuts drawn shapes and lines without assistance

Language/ Cognitive

  • Recognizes that print carries meaning
  • Recognizes and attempts to write own name
  • Recognizes many alphabet letters and sounds 
  • Retells general ideas of stories when asked
  • Learns and participates in songs, rhymes, and simple prayers
  • Looks at books and listens to stories
  • Uses problem solving skills
  • Uses observation and exploration to gain information
  • Knows and points to colors
  • Demonstrates knowledge of shapes, patterns, and positional words
  • Sorts object by color, shape, and size
  • Improved rote counting and counting objects


  • Knows that God loves us deeply and we are created by God to love
  • Prayer can be a quiet time before snack to show gratitude
  • Prayer can be for yourself or others
  • Introduction to the bible and age-appropriate bible verses
  • Bible stories and songs (monthly chapel)