Joys and Concerns


The Cribbs family joined the church
Aurora Jasinski was baptized

Charlie Hatch, Blair Hatcher, Tony Davis, Jane Waters, Bonnie Roach, Joseph Roach, Joy Yarnall, Molly Edwards, Sam Horton, George Bucklad, David Holt, Amy Miller, Lily Rutledge, Flo Laspaluto, Brenda and Jimmie Stutts, Melba White, Larry Apel, Sharon and Jim Sharpe, Carol Lane, Elaine Gibson, Brad Waters, Sandy Kelso, John (Jack) Christy, Ralph Gordon, Mario Marsico, Stewart Dickinson, Karen Miller, Commander Andrew Domina (serving overseas), Jacque Davis, Carrie Barnett, Wendy and Michael Ripberger, Barbara Norman, Jan Hodges, Jim Messina, Jackie Parham, Homer Duncan

Family Prayer Concerns
Conley Umstead (brother of Kevin Umstead), Jerry Brewer (brother in law of Linda Hodges), Betty Griffin (Sister-in-law of David and Beth Griffin), Sam Shipley (brother of Bev Shipley-Sherron), Wiley May (brother of Michael May), Carl Randecker (father of Rick Randecker), Jo Ann Partin-Shipp (daughter of Javain Griffis), Taylor Stone Lail (niece of Jack Stone), Myrle Briggs (mother of Jeff Briggs), Jean Bobby (sister of Janis Guimond), Cindy Wilson (sister of Gail Carnagua), Mike Harris (cousin of Kaye Rains), Noah Mitchell (cousin of Kathy Waters), Charlie Flowe (great nephew of Paula Allen), Bill Whitmore (brother of Dorie Masemore), Jeanne Williams (daughter of Ann Shivers), Millie Lisenby (sister of Buddy West), Betty Henderson (mother of Joy Lalush), Jay Dubose (son of Phil and Caroline Dubose), Noura Martin (granddaughter of Sydna Martin), Mary Ellen Dukes (sister-in-law of Patricia Dukes), Becky Wooten (mother of Chip Wooten), C. Ralph Mills (father of Margaret Mills), Julie Smith (sister of Bev Shipley-Sherron), Tony Burroughs (cousin of Kathy Waters), Jennifer Brohawn (cousin of Linda Ketron), Robert Neal Mann (nephew of Anne Huffman), Greg Harris (cousin of Kaye Rains), Doug and Brenda Nunnally (parents of Dean Nunnally), Jared Martin (son of Tish and Ray Martin), Haley Holt McCarthy (cousin of Suzanne Gordon), Tecumseh Bryson (nephew of Sandy Shivers), Lucy and John Aldridge (sister in law and brother of Anne Huffman), Carol Davenport (sister of Cindy Hendley), Blair Tucker Hatcher (son of Blair Hatcher)

Marian Carson (5/24), Barbie Creech (5/24), Claire Latham (4/24), Edward Moore (4/24), Fletcher Womble (4/24), Donna Buchan (4/24), Larry Maiden (3/24), Marcia Misenheimer (3/24), Lena Mae Eaker (3/24), Larry Wayne (3/24), Mary Walsh (2/24), Melinda Smith (2/24), Jean Mitchell (1/24), Peggy Polashock (1/24), Alice Batson (1/24), Emily Milks (1/24), John Hatcher (1/24), Gene Waters (1/24))

Family Condolences
Frances “Honey” Fuller (Sister-in-law of Kirk and Linda Fuller) (7/24),Carol Baughman (Father of Tim Baughman) (6/24), Betty Sharpe (mother of Jim Sharpe) (6/24), Bev Glissman (sister of Barbie Shephard) (6/24), Lois Misenheimer (mother of Martha Adcock) (6/24), Donald Peterson (father of Andy Peterson) (6/24), Jimmy Yates (father of Gail Carnagua) (6/24), David E. Carey, Jr. (father-in-law of Kristen Carey) (6/24), Robert White, Sr. (father of Leigh Williams) (6/24), Patricia Crawley (mother of Laura Osborne) (4/24), Patricia Barnes-Svarney (sister of Karen Barnes) (3/24), Bill Fowler (Father of Carla Gibbons) (3/24), David Bailey (brother of Mike Bailey) (3/24), George Pilkington (Father of George Pilkington) (2/24), Jerry Masemore (father of Mike Masemore)(2/24), Undine Warner (Mother of Becky Gardiner)(2/24), Susan Eastling (sister of Les Eastling) (1/24), Harry Henderson (father of Joy LaLush) (1/24)